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“He comes in and almost immediately says ‘this script is shit,’ even though it’s budget- and schedule-approved,” de Souza recalled.

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Cantor claims Weinberger said she was 'put on earth to pleasure me' and once told her to meet him in a bathroom as he was 'super horny.'It is also alleged that he 'grabbed her behind, touching Plaintiff’s crotch, groping her breasts, and put his hands down Plaintiff’s pants.'When he stuck his hand down her pants, Weinberger told Cantor he wanted to 'check if she was wearing underwear' according to the complaint.

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The government was unable to provide complete data on sentences imposed in 2014, but reported some convicted traffickers received prison sentences ranging from five to 13 years’ imprisonment.

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But then he learned that if you're an Ad Sense partner and you don't run ads on your site exactly the way Google wants, the search giant will punish you.