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Antique American quilts of the 17th century were often made by poor Colonists who couldn't afford to make detailed patchwork designs.

Instead, they made quilts out of one or two sheets of the same fabric.

A quilt's weaving pattern, or the way it was sewn, is a clue to age; plain weave is the most common type.

With this weave, warp and filler threads pass over one another in alternating rows.

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Vintage and antique quilts serve as handsome decorating pieces, particularly in older or historical homes.

Nile green, a type of pale green, was common on vintage quilts in the 1930s through 1940s.

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A quilt's colors may help you identify its general age.

For example, Lancaster blue consists of a light-blue print over a dark-blue background.

If the stitches appear a bit unevenly spaced or different in size, the quilt was likely handmade.

If the stitches are precisely uniform in size and spacing, the quilt was probably machine-stitched.

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Double pink was commonly seen in quilts from the 1860s to the 1880s as well as the 1920s.

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