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Frederick Leedom Scott was born in Fresno, California in 1902 to Chancellor Scott and Violet Patterson Scott, and as a youngster, he learned how to ride.But he soon became interested in singing, which included several years of operatic voice lessons with a teacher in Los Angeles.Spectrum's second - and last - sagebrush hero was Fred Scott and trade publications carried the news: Fred's first, ROMANCE RIDES THE RANGE (Spectrum, 1936), arrived in theaters in late 1936, roughly a year after Autry's initial Republic starrer. Trade tidbits from 1940 - 1941 are a bit chaotic and confusing.Production boss for Fred's first nine adventures was Jed Buell (1897 - 1961), former theater manager and onetime publicity boss for Mack Sennett. There's indications that Spectrum worked out a deal for Monogram to distribute RIDIN' THE TRAIL (1939). We do know that RIDIN' was released by independent distributor Arthur Ziehm in the early 1940s.Its lifespan was brief and output consisted of a couple dozen features, all churned out by independent production outfits.

The Scotts had a beautiful, tastefully decorated condo on Camino Parocella in Palm Springs, and it was located just around the corner from the home of movie baddie Marc Lawrence.With the Depression in full swing, he found himself looking for work outside of film ...and found same with the San Francisco Light Opera Company ... A few tradepaper mentions: An occasional film role came his way.He became a successful (and well known) Los Angeles area realtor, and in later years, Fred and Mary retired to Palm Springs, California where he remained very busy.Fred was a board member of the Palm Springs Art Museum.

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The Scotts always had a bird feeding station and enjoyed watching the birds, especially a hummingbird that seemed to have taken up residence with them. Fred also liked Harry Harvey, one of his other sidekicks, and thought he was a talented actor.

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