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A lookup approach may use preliminary part-of-speech tagging to avoid overstemming.The lookup table used by a stemmer is generally produced semi-automatically.Suffix stripping algorithms do not rely on a lookup table that consists of inflected forms and root form relations.Instead, a typically smaller list of "rules" is stored which provides a path for the algorithm, given an input word form, to find its root form.The solutions produced by suffix stripping algorithms are limited to those lexical categories which have well known suffixes with few exceptions.This, however, is a problem, as not all parts of speech have such a well formulated set of rules.

This alternate action may involve several other criteria.

For example, if the word is "run", then the inverted algorithm might automatically generate the forms "running", "runs", "runned", and "runly".

The last two forms are valid constructions, but they are unlikely.

A later stemmer was written by Martin Porter and was published in the July 1980 issue of the journal Program.

This stemmer was very widely used and became the de facto standard algorithm used for English stemming. Porter received the Tony Kent Strix award in 2000 for his work on stemming and information retrieval.

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