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As a bishop of Skálholt, he sought to enforce the decrees of Rome regarding the ownership of church property and morality of the clergy.The Icelandic calendar has two days dedicated to Þorlákur, 20 July and 23 December.The other two saintly bishops are Jón Ögmundsson (1106–1121) and Guðmundur Arason (1203–1237).There was great literary activity during the 12th and 13th centuries, producing extensive religious literature as well as romantic novels and sitcoms in the Icelandic language as well as the well-known sagas. Parts of the Bible were already translated into Icelandic in the 13th century.Later, the Icelandic church came under the archbishops of Lund and in 1153 it became a part of the province of Nidaros.Iceland was divided into two dioceses, Skálholt, established 1056, and Holar in 1106.They chose a person that everybody respected for his wisdom, the heathen priest and chieftain, Þorgeir of Ljósavatn, to decide which way the people should go.

The first Icelandic bishop, Ísleifur Gissurarson, was consecrated in Bremen in 1056, and he made Skálholt the episcopal see.The next day he called the assembly together and made his decision known."If we put asunder the law, we will put asunder the peace," he said.Then Iceland, having suffered civil war and anarchy, came under the rule of the Norwegian king and in 1380 with Norway under the Danish crown.In 1944 Iceland regained its independence as a republic.

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