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And it features one of the yummiest scenes in movie history and shows delicious Georgian cuisine in a delicate and beautiful process of cooking. Father of a Soldier is a very special movie because, after years and years, it remains fresh, touching and impressive.

A father is in search of his son, on a long way in a cruel war.

The plea is essentially intellectual, yet emotionally stimulating too, it is as tough and rewarding a screen challenge as the moviegoer has had to face.

It has creepy, horror like imagery and one of the finest uses of camera in a history of Georgian cinema.

Modesty of decorations with the interest is completed by the imagination of director and by the bright game of actors.

The Eccentrics occurs in the The story is set up in a unknown place, an abstract country, where the majority of society is “normal” and people with different ideas are kept in isolation, treated as criminals or mentally ill, as a danger for others.

Tengiz Abuladze is one of the (if not the) greatest Georgian movie director and The Plea is his finest work. It is technically brilliant and shines with great dialogue.

If it had a wide release and large amount of people saw it, The Plea would be as iconic as Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal. Its storytelling is superior and even though it is shot for television, the movie stands exactly like a theatrical release.

Located in Batumi, 20 miles from Hopa, Hotel Riva features air-conditioned rooms with free Wi Fi.

It's a nice new place, located 5 minutes walking from the seaside.

There are all services near by (ATM, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, commercial center, attractions, etc.).

The reception personnel doesn't really speak fluent English, but with a little bit of patience we could communicate.

The breakfast is good served as buffet, so we can eat as much as we want to, it's repeated every day but it has everything a breakfast should have (bread, coffee, tea, marmalade, butter, cake, eggs, etc.) . The property is fresh and clean and well maintained.

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