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“But for some people, I feel a workshop is the best place for them to maybe gain some work skills,” Liz Muleski said.“Sara was so naive and and so susceptible to someone taking advantage of her right out of high school.” About 450,000 people nationwide work in sheltered workshops or participate in segregated day programs.The point of the law is “to abolish the low expectations that have kept people with disabilities out of their communities for decades,” Jocelyn Samuels, an acting assistant attorney general in the Civil Rights Division, said in April in announcing the push.

The Justice Department in 2009 launched an aggressive effort to enforce compliance.

They each receive an annual review that assesses whether they could try the transition. Jones cited a Job One employee who got a job at an Independence fast-food restaurant only to be let go when management changed. Sara Muleski of Kansas City, who has autism and a seizure disorder, went to work at a Job One shelter in Grandview right after high school. She would like a job outside the shelter, perhaps working with animals.

Her mother, Liz Muleski, thinks she could handle something more challenging and is generally supportive of the new push away from sheltered workshops.

“If people were able to have community employment, they would be community employed,” said Barb Winkler.

“It’s a little disturbing that we build programs for people with developmental disabilities and then we come along and dismantle them and try something else for a while.” Winkler is on the board of a Jackson County agency that serves the disabled, but she does not speak for the organization.

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